If you have a residential mortgage on a property in the following states listed below that was originated by us and you do not know who your servicer is, please call us at toll free 1-866-207-5340 so that we can assist you with locating your servicer.

  • New York
  • Washington, DC

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Sutherland Mortgage Services Inc. is a premier nationwide provider of home mortgages and is currently licensed in almost every state. Our experienced professionals and innovative technology streamlines the process from application through closing.

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I got my home mortgage from Sutherland and Rohit Chaturvedi was the official person who helped me with the process end to end. I had a little knowledge about the lending process and the factors involved in the mortgage. All I wanted was an honest mortgage company with a good customer service. And I bet, anyone who has worked with rohit will always want to work with him again. Right from providing me the initial quote to closing procedures, everything was well coordinated and smoothly done. I can't be more thankful to Rohit and his company for helping me in solving all the problems during the mortgage process until the closing.

Naveen R Gowda